3D Design

I wasn’t entirely sure if I would enjoy this pathway when the brief was mentioned at the beginning of the week. As I wanted to be a product designer and studied product design I thought it would be fine but into the first couple of days I wasn’t entirely sure. Research took me a while to gather as I wasn’t really inspired. But then I found the work of Franceso Binfare and his interesting sofa. I chose this as inspiration as I had an idea of turning a suitcase into a sofa. After I got stuck in with initial ideas I decided against this idea and went with one of my designs which is a suitcase that opened into a boat. I thought this idea was pretty great and completely original as something like this does not exist. I developed the idea by changing shapes ect. 

I created a mock up which proved to me my design could be made for my prototype. Into the making of my case I started to enjoy it more although found it stressful as I forgot to cut out tabs when cutting out my net shape. I also hadn’t thought about the fact that water would seep into the boat if I had left it like I planned. I had to think of maybe using a mechanism which wouldn’t actually work or just simply blocking off the middle. I went with that idea and it turned out great. So much so I had fantastic feedback from the class. I was so pleased with my idea and model.ImageImageImageImage

I wasn’t entirely sure about my work. I was pleased with the idea as it came out of no where and was completely original. As for the prototype I thought could have looked nicer. For the time I had and resources, I did a pretty good job. It looks like the design, it’s neat and you can tell what it is. Overall I’m pleased with what I accomplished. The feedback just sealed the deal. All the stress paid off. My work could have been improved with time. I would have made it to human scale so there would have been more depth for leg room. I would have painted the entire case. I also would have put more effort into the seats so they looked nicer rather than just black. I would have tested it out on some water too, to see if it floated. I didn’t relate my work to any designers I had researched. My idea was completely mine although I am going to see if it can relate to anyone.

The original idea of a suitcase sofa came from the research I did on Franceso Binfare’s sofa. But after drawing my initial ideas I loved the idea of a boat as it was original and new. This sort of idea would need a lot of research. For example, size,shape and material. It would need to be big enough to fit 2 human beings in on water yet be small enough to take around. The material would need to be waterproof and light as well as float. This kind of idea might be able to work but it might just end up only being a useful design. I would want the outer material to be wood and the inside lined with fabric for comfort. In reality this idea has the potential to be really useful for people. I could see anyone buying it especially people who are adventurous. This case could be taken with on holiday/abroad to save from hiring a boat ect.




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