Moving Image and Photography

As I missed the first 3 days to this pathway I had some serious catching up to do. I joined a group who had gone with the idea of animating women and creating a similar scenario to one like the intro of ugly betty

We all did animations and then using the mac’s and a certain software we filmed the animations onto the computer.

First we came up with different aspects to beauty i.e 80’s pin-up girl, curvy woman, tribal ect.

Our animations are as follows;



Our final project could definitely be improved. I thought the idea was really good but it just didn’t turn out very well. We needed a lot more time to improve and perfect but we did put a lot of effort in. The drawings needed to be darker, the camera should have been more zoomed in something myself and another girl mentioned, and the lighting should have been better. If we had more time colour could have been added. Our work was related and inspired by ugly betty’s opening sequence. Not entirely sure what the class thought on it as no one said anything.Overall I thought the idea and concept was really great we just needed more time and a lot of improvement


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