Self Study

During the second week at UCA I was unfortunately off ill for 3 days. Instead of wasting 3 days doing nothing I decided to set myself a task. 

In the first week we looked at 5 items we had to bring in and then take 1 item and transform it into something else. I decided to take a video tape and turn it into a face. I’m not entirely sure why I did this but I think it might be due to the fact the white reels reminded me of eyes and once I had pulled all the tape out I thought of hair.Image

Alister, one of the teachers, spoke to me about it, once I had finished and mentioned an artist by the name of Richard Wiseman who looks for faces within everyday objects. Other people can send in their face pictures which he features on his blog if they’re good enough.

So I decided I would go round my home and try to spot faces on things. This was easier said than done but I managed to find 3 faces. 


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