3D Design – Suitcase design research

Norwegian Prototypes is Kim Thome and Amy Hunting. In 2009 a group of Norwegian designers were invited to exhibit the London Design Festival. In 2010 they were then invited back and asked to bring one designer of their choice with them, and to this time design a product that could fit in their hand luggage suitcase. The results were exhibited during London Design Festival in September 2010. A few of the designers include, Alex Hellum, Amy Hunting, Andreas Engesvik, Daniel Rybakken, Frost Produkt, Hallgeir Homstevdt, Kim Thome, Linn Tale Haugen, Oscar Narud, Peter Opsyik, Sara Polmar, Stokke Austad, Terie Lindahl and Thomas Jenkins.

My favourite designer’s work is the wardrobe in a suitcase by Kim Thome. This is particularly my favourite because of how well designed and constructed it is. The idea is great and relates to an idea I came up with similar to this in my initial designs. Although it has to be said Kim’s design is so much better. I love the choice of colours, the striped fabric used as the actual wardrobe and the criss cross effect down the sides which is not only pleasing to look at but for function. I like that there are shelving units but also two small boxes for smaller items. It’s such a fantastic idea as it makes travelling that bit easier. There is no need to unload your clothes on holiday and repack as everything is already inside. All you need to do is open the case, extend the wardrobe and there is your stuff ready to use. I just love the concept to this and it couldn’t look any better. Although having a white suitcase would thoroughly annoy me in case it got dirty which without doubt it would. Overall fantastic idea, design and make although maybe in a different colour as much as I love the white. You can tell it was thoroughly thought out and I can’t fault it.


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