Moving Image and Photography – Photographer research

Jamie Nelson is a New York based fashion and beauty photographer.  She went to photography school for 4 years which she thinks helped sophisticate her work. Before her photography career she was interested in fine art and ironically was never too concerned or obsessed with fashion or beauty. Her work is inspired by many things from textures, sound, people and places and tries to seek inspiration outside of photography as much as possible. Jamie has been working on a professional level for at least 6 years, and her work has been published in publications such as Cosmo, Elle(Russia),  Harper’s Bazaar En Español, InStyle Germany, Lula, Nylon, Oyster, Plaza, Vanidad and Vanity Fair (Italy). She has also worked for commercial clients such as Olay, Carlos Campos, Sunban Eyewear, Warner Brothers, Disney, Eenamaria Handbags and many more. As a fashion photographer, she constructs a realm of vividness and sophistication which breathes a life of its own. She goes about picking her own models by scouting them at agencies for particular themes and ideas. Normally she goes for models with big lips. She does however enhance her images using photoshop like most photographers to correct small blemishes. However most of the colours and effects are done on the day of the shoot.

I chose to research Jamie Nelson because after seeing her photography I think her work is amazing. The magazines and publications she got to work for is also such a great achievement within that industry. Her work related somewhat to our final work in Moving Image and Photography because we based our ideas on beauty. We ended up doing our moving photography based on beauty but focused on different aspects rather than the stereotypical ‘look’.  Her work is different and could be classed as ‘soft porn’ as a fair amount of her work includes nudity


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