Thursday’s journal entry

On Thursday (11/10/12) I researched into the work of Marlene Dumas. I looked at her use of colours on her portraits especially two of them. As I want to use a large range of colours for my work I couldn’t decide on which. I didn’t want to copy the the work of Linzi Lynn entirely and wanted to make it my own. The reason I was so attracted to Linzi’s work is because of her wide range of colours. I associated these colours with being pretty. But when I looked at work such as Marlene’s who used one colour it made me realise how colours can change the emotion of an image dramatically. It’s strange how you can use the same colour but it can alter how you feel depending on what you’re looking at.

When I first saw Linzi’s paintings I was attracted immediately. Her use of colour is large and vibrant. However when you take one of those colours and slightly change the tone it can change quickly. Like in the work of Marlene. She took the colour blue which I find pretty and changed it to a paler greener blue which I actually found myself not liking. The image is of a young boy but her version of blue makes him look ill. When looking at her painting of a woman’s face painted entirely red the emotion I felt when looking at it was pain. Almost like a burn. But when Linzi uses red in her painting it looks pretty.


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