Fine Art-Friday 12/10/12

As this was the last day of thee week I really had to get a move on and do something. I started the day out with colour testing on an A1 sheet. I did this to experiment with the mood in which colours give off and to see if it would make an impact to my work as I wanted it to look playful and fun rather than ‘boring’ and dull. I wanted to do more of a series with colour but had no time so had to move onto my final piece. 

I started out by drawing the profile of Natalie Portman. Then I started adding colour to her face but went along with it so it was spontaneous.  It was then time to add the wax so I started out by holding the hair-dryer over the crayons until they starting melting then tipped the page. I did this process a few crayons at a time rather than all in one go. I repeated the process until the page was filled with colour and then added some paint just to create some more colour.


As a final image to look at I do really like it. It’s not entirely what I had in mind but then not many things turn out that way. I do wish I had worked on a larger scale as the image looks limited some how. I did originally want to do it on card and wish I had although I’m not sure why I didn’t. It also looks like it could do with some more colour but overall I do like it.  It could be improved through size and colour. Even the way in which the wax was melted could have been done better. I would have liked to experiment with melting first to get the perfect technique but then even so it looks more interesting done with no practise. I do like that my work relates to an artist. During the previous weeks I’ve done all my own ideas which I like but it’s nice to have an artist to look at for inspiration and technique. I could have made the work more my own but then personally I feel I did as it looks nothing like Linzi Lynn’s work.

Class feedback – Initial response from group before input from maker

1. What do you think the work is about?

a. Captures movement, capturing hair in the wind, seasons, weather, abstract, aboriginal. 

2. How was it made?

a. paints + inks, crayon, melting

3. How do the ideas and the outcome relate to one another? Have good choices been made about media/materials/approach to making?

a. Yes, good combination of colours, blended well.

4. How does hearing from the maker change your thoughts about the work?

a. no

5. General feedback from group? Does it work as a piece of art?

a. Yes, advertisement/animation

6. Suggestions for further development?

a. bigger scale, animation to go with it.

The feedback I received is correct and great although it would have been nice to receive a little more. I am pleased with it and am pleased with the overall work.


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