Visual Communications – David Shrigley research

David Shrigley is a British visual artist who is best known for his drawings that make witty observations on everyday life. His education took place at Glasgow School of Art in 1988-91. He has many talents ranging from drawing, sculpting to animations. Although he does work in various media, he is well known for his humorous cartoons in softcover books and postcard packs. When I first found in his book in the UCA library I had to look throughout the entire book. I was so drawn in with his quirky drawings and phrases, I just couldn’t put the book down and found myself looking at it again. With every turn of the page there is a new surprise waiting to be discovered which I would personally say is an achievement. His work is so different and so far from anything I’ve seen before and for this reason I think he is a successful artist. When looking through his book I wasn’t rushed either almost like I had all the time in the world. What makes his work so unique is how different it is. He hasn’t done perfectly painted or drawn images, they look free hand and almost rushed. It’s like he’s had an idea, sketched it out and put a witty comment to go with it. The book comes across as like a journal or his every day seeing’s but he’s made it comical. I do enjoy looking at work which puts me in a good mood and David Shrigley certainly pulled me in. 


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