Visual communication – reflection on work and feedback

The final book turned out well in my opinion. I really like the way it turned out in the end and I think it does tell a story. Some of the aspects were last minute details like using the letraset transfer instead of writing and putting an image on the front cover. I wanted the front really plain and simple but the image I have used relates to the article and research. The image of the head is a character from the play Charley’s Aunt. My work could be improved with certain differences. For instance the lettering throughout the entire book is all the same. I did get carried away with the letraset but I think it keeps the book all on the same level. I could have changed it to something else on each page but the letraset looks professional.  More use of images could have been used, and instead of letreset I could have written a lot larger. My work does not particularly relate to any artists even though I did look into the work of David Shrigley. If I wanted my work to relate to him I could have drawn my images instead of sticking them in but draw them in his style. Or look at his hand writing and do something similar, his work can look scruffy so I could have made the book look more journal like. My ideas initially came from the article I took out of the newspaper, then once I had researched into key words and the play I had imagery to look at for inspiration. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind when do my collages, I mainly just did something as I went along and fed off my other ideas. I can imagine my work being on a larger scale with a lot more pages for images and text although I am content with the size now. Overall I’m pleased with what I have created from a newspaper article.

Feedback is really great, I’m very pleased. They have really given my work thought. I find the comment on some of the images being ‘scary’, quite funny. I can understand as one of the images does really look unusual. Even though my idea hadn’t fully come across, it’s interesting to hear how someone else perceived it in a different way. The girl who gave me feedback thought it was about accepting cross dressing. I quite like that my book could come across differently to everyone so in a way they could be making up their own story when looking at it.



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