Fashion and textiles feedback

1. How well did your peer present their work to the group? Say what was good and consider areas for improvement. Where they clearly understood?

a. clearly understood, well explained.

2. What do you believe are strengths and what has worked well in the research?

a. neat,tidy and well presented. Good use of colour.

3. Is there plenty of evidence of Primary and Secondary research? If not, can you suggest how the student may improve this?

a. Yes lots of research, all relevant.

4. How does the 3D body adornment ideas/final piece relate to the research? Can you clearly identify the links in the research?

a. Not directly but ideas show development from initial designs.

5. Overall, has the students’ project been concluded successfully in relation to what was asked for by the brief? Can you identify areas for improvement to help this student with their next project?

a. Relate the idea more to the research.

6. Any other comments that may help the student to develop their project further?

a. Try a more extensive use of materials. Finished garment is really good! Love the pink.


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