Fashion and textiles reflection

My final outcome is not exactly what I had imagined. Originally I wanted to create something that hid the face for the human when they went hunting and because the computers were partially blind they only saw you when you moved. So the head piece didn’t need to be extravagant or camouflage majorly. My final design doesn’t look like my idea because I’ve had comments on it looking like a bee keepers hat or a lampshade. I think I do quite like it, it would probably look better as a lampshade but I think it does look nice. I like that I covered all the wiring to make it look nicer and I’m pleased I went with a white material as it goes well with the pink net. It could be improved on many levels. I could have made the structure wires all the same length because the hat isn’t all one height. The stitching could have been done neater but stitching the netting was difficult. I should have ensured the material went all down the back of the hat too so the entire thing was covered rather than just the front. I should have made sure that the heat n bond material was clean too as it is quite dirty. Some of the netting is lifting up too so ideally the netting should have gone all round the hat and tucked underneath so it is all flat. My work does not relate to any designers as I didn’t look to any one for inspiration. I wish I had because it could have turned out a lot nicer. My ideas came from my story line and image research. Once I had a basic story line I looked online, in books and magazines for inspiration and then created 3 mood boards which got me to my final outcome. I would like my design to be unisex so if I were to imagine it any other way I’d use a black net or make 2, so one for men and one for women. I’d also try make it fit the head properly as it is very loose. I did create it like that on purpose but when imagining someone running in it, the hat would probably come off. Overall I am pleased with it although it would need developing.


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