My research ideas

Below are only a few selected pages from my sketchbook of the research I did to get an idea of where I want this project to go. From a brainstorm I wasn’t entirely sure what to look at so thought the claws of my beastie could be a start. Possibly look at the effects of the venom injected when you’re pinched by the claw or of the different shapes. However I decided to look into every aspect to the beastie. I did some secondary research in the library gathering any images I find inspiring. I then worked from this research then moving on to looking at the pattern on the creature, the patterns on the claws, the marks left behind after the beastie and repeating patterns.


Secondary researchImage

I thought this had a Thai feel to itImage

So I uploaded it onto my laptop and edited the painting in different formats then created a new pattern.Image

I looked at the pattern of a meerkat as the head of my beastie is meerkat. I created the pattern with a ball of my hair as I had done experiments with wool before hand so wanted to try something new.Image

I looked at the marbled effect on lobster claws and recreated it with nail polish in water as I had no ink. I love this work I have created. I think it’s so effective and so I also went onto editing it on my laptop and found within the pattern there is a shall formation.Image

My beastie leaves behind a chicken foot print as the feet are from a chicken. I wanted to try something new so I melted wax and then imprinted the footprint using toothpicks as I couldn’t find a chicken foot anywhere not even the local butchers.Image

I repeated the foot print using colour to see how it could look as a print on my fabric. It’s great however really simple.Image

I went back to the claw and repeated it to see how it would look on fabric and added in colour. I reversed each layer to make it more interesting. Image


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