Screen Printing my pattern

To transfer my pattern onto fabric I used a technique called Silkscreen Printing. Below are all my experiments. I used a variety of colour paints and fabric to help me decide what to do for my final fabric. 

The first experiment consisted of printing orange onto white fabric which I do like however I’m not so keen on the orange.ImageImage

The next experiment was printing onto a t-shirt I found at home. These were not successful and they clash completely.ImageI really love this print. The orange looks gold and the print has come out very well on the black fabric.ImageI really love the purple, it’s very pretty. I would definitely consider using this for my final fabric.ImageI decided to increase difficulty so added 2 colours which went well together. I think this has worked out great.ImageThis time I used 4 colours which I love even more however I could see this getting really messy if I did this for my final design.ImageI hadn’t tried black on white yet which was an initial idea of mine. I think my silkscreen may have been getting over used as the black bled through making it look really messy.ImageI tried it again this time is was better however I’m still not impressed.ImageI went onto doing it on a larger scale because I wanted to see how effect it would repeated. I think it looks great however I am concerned about the black bleeding through. I will be trying white ink on black fabric to see if this is a better option.ImageImageImageThe last 2 experiments were colour on black. This was a total disaster as none of the colour showed up apart from the orange. I needed to add in more pigment however the day had come to an end.



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