Dress codes for postcodes

To start off my research I looked at the History and current day of Whitechapel. I placed all my research onto A1 sheet of paper as I didn’t want writing in my sketchbook.



I then moved on from this and within my research I read about Jack the Ripper. I looked into him and found a huge amount of information Whitechapel has a lot of research to it however Jack the Ripper is the most famous. I looked into his story and the women he killed.



I also focused my research on todays current dress code and within my research I found out that 52% of the population of people from Bangladesh. So I research into their culture and the clothing they wore. I also came across a fashion designer by the name of Bibi Russell who is mentioned on the British Bangladesh Fashion Week webpage. I also researched into what men wore in the 1800’s as I wanted to get a sense of what Jack the Ripper might have worn.



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