First final image

I went with a series rather than 1 image for my final as I just couldn’t choose and found these 2 images to be most effective.Image

My first look was inspired by Jack the Ripper. During my research into Whitechapel I found that its main history is based on Jack the Ripper. I decided this would be an interesting shoot to do so I did some research into what men would have worn during the 1880’s. I looked into every aspect from clothes, to hair and facial hair so I could really do well for this shoot.
I wanted to base the shoot in a ‘creepy’ alley way as that’s where he murdered one of his victims. I really wanted to keep the model’s face out of the photo, so have him looking in an opposite direction as Jack the Ripper has no identity. However during the shoot I found it quite difficult to photograph the clothes from an angle hiding his face.
With regards to what he is wearing I was inspired by an image I had seen of what men wore in 1880. I wanted my model to represent that but as I couldn’t get hold of a hat or proper Victorian jacket I went with the look of no jacket and rolled up sleeves. It was to make my model look as if he was waiting for his victim to enter the alley way and so he wouldn’t get his jacket ‘dirty’. I also paid attention to hair and makeup. I researched how men wore their hair and it tended to be a side parting with the hair slicked back. I created dark circles under the models eyes so he looked tired as Jack the Ripper was out at all hours of the morning. I also thickened out the models beard as men had really thick beards and moustaches. I also filled in his moustache.
Shoes – borrowed from the model
Trousers – borrowed from the model
Shirt – borrowed from my brother
Waistcoat – borrowed from the model’s father
Cane – borrowed from the models mum. The cane had once belonged to her father so it had a really old look to it.


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