Second final image


For my second shoot I decided to go with the current trend which is Bangladeshi fashion. As 52% of the population in Whitechapel are people from that culture and during my visit there I did see many woman wearing burqas and dupattas. In my research I came across a website called British Bangladesh fashion week and on this page I found a girl with a very full on makeup look. Make-up is not traditionally worn by woman from this culture but because of the new modern approach I saw on British Bangladesh fashion week I decided to go for something along those lines. I wanted to focus entirely on makeup as this is something I want to go on and study further.
I wanted to keep the clothing fairly simple but along the lines of something a woman would wear in the culture. I decided to photograph the model against a wall so all attention was on her rather than any background and I couldn’t find a wall old enough to represent one from Whitechapel as it’s a rather run down place. I got my model to do various types of posing but mainly keeping the face straight so attention was on the makeup. I went for a heavy eye makeup look as this was what I had seen on the model but kept the rest of the face to a minimum so the eyes were the main focus.
Using a piece of material I found at UCA which I thought fitted well to what woman from Bangladesh would wear I draped it on my model using techniques I learnt during the draping workshop. I wanted to drape the entire body and have the model in heels so again it had a more modern approach however I decided to focus on the face so makeup was the main focus.
Dupatta – material found at college.


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