Third final image


I was stuck on what to do for my third and final photo-shoot so went back to the idea of Jack the Ripper. I wanted to recreate what the prostitutes would have worn and gone from there however with lack of time I couldn’t do this idea. Another idea was to photograph the prostitute but dead slumped against a wall. Again with no costume I couldn’t do this idea.
I decided to go with the theme of a dead prostitute for my third look after seeing the images of Jack the Rippers victims dead. In one of the images the woman’s face looks like it’s sliding away because the muscles are deteriorating. This gave me an idea to photograph my model as a dead woman with her ‘face sliding off’ by using makeup. Although this shoot would not be clothing inspired I thought it would be great for my portfolio.
I got my model to wear a lace corset top which was from a burlesque costume set so her cleavage was on show as this is how prostitute’s dressed. With her makeup I kept it very minimal because even though it was only prostitute’s to wear makeup in 1880 they didn’t have the range we have today. I kept her face clean with no foundation, added brown eye shadow to parts of the face so she looked dirty and added a small amount of mascara. They wore rouge on their cheeks so I gave my model rosy cheeks and created dark circles under her eyes as prostitutes were up late at night. To create that ‘sliding’ effect like in the image I put red lipstick on my model and wiped it to the side. This also creates the look of messy like she’s been attacked. To finish off the look I used liquid latex to create a cut on her throat and added in fake blood. I photographed her in many poses in different locations to get a variety of choice.
As much as I like these images I feel I could have done better especially with the blood. The cut on the throat doesn’t look as real as I hoped and the reason there is lack of blood is because I wanted to it look like the model was laying down so the blood had run down the side of the neck. To give the image an older look I edited it so it doesn’t look as gruesome and also fits in with the 1880’s due to lack of colour.


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