Denim project

For my denim project I started off my doing mood boards of all denim pieces I could find magazines. I didn’t have a clear idea as to what I wanted to do yet so I thought this was the best way to get ideas for different denim textures, clothing pieces and styles. I mostly intrigued with the land girls I’d seen in the presentation so I thought of doing possibly 2 make up related shoots and 2 clothing styled shoots with the land girls theme.

I started experimenting by placing denim onto faces cut out from magazines to see where it could be placed and how it would look. I tried out eyebrows, lips, eye lashes, hair, nails and jewellery. 

I then moved onto playing around with denim to see how it could be changed to look another way as this might prove useful for me when doing my final piece. I distressed the denim, bleached the denim and tried out the heat press using colour.

I went back to the idea of denim make up but in a non typical beauty way so created big lips, monobrows and strange looking eye lashes. I looked into the contours of the face and where you would usually contour with bronzer but used denim instead. A great idea being denim make up. I thought if I am going to be using denim on the face it would look great to have an image of make up that looks like denim.

It was now time to research make up so I went into the library and found so many useful books to look at, one of them being most useful because it showed you how make up changed from 1900 to 1990. ( The face of the century: 100 years of makeup) I started responding to this research in my sketchbook playing around with different looks in which I could use toward my final images. Once I had gone over all the research it was then time to do the photo shoots  I had a lot of troubles with this project as 1 of the models dropped out, neither UCA or Alton College would let me use a studio. Luckily I managed to get 3 models and I chose to do the shoot in the back of the classroom with A1 paper on the wall. I had Jordan help me with photography and Rowena help with lighting by holding up a torch. I did hair and make up for all shoots.

With all my shoots finally complete I then had 1 week to edit and create the magazine which went awfully wrong. I couldn’t use photoshop and really did struggle however after spending 15 hours in the library I finally got used to it. It was then time to look into magazines and fonts I would be using so after research I found a great magazine called, Make up Store, which is only released twice a year. Choosing fonts was most difficult because nothing seemed to look right or magazine like. I also struggled with the article but decided best to do an interview with myself pretending I was the new big thing within the make up industry. 


I looked into Cindy Sherman, Leigh Bowery, MAC cosmetics and a prosthetic book from the library. I really liked the look of Leigh Bowery’s work because it’s very unusual and attention grabbing. I thoroughally enjoyed looking through the book and the looks in which he had created were along the lines of what I wanted to do.

Cindy Sherman also had pieces of work along the lines of what I was going for. Her image of herself looking quite old was something I wanted to do on my model but use denim to create the wrinkles.

It wasn’t until after I had done the different looks in my book when I decided to research denim make up. I really wasn’t expecting anything to come up because I thought it was unusual however MAC came up in the search and I found they had actually done something very similar to me. I found this rather annoying because I wasn’t aware it had been done before so to see it online was a shock however their images do look great and they’re done a good job of making their make up look like actual denim.

As I want to be a prosthetic make up artist I thought to do a look which involves prosthetics but using denim. I looked through a book in the library and found a few different how to looks however the most interesting one being enlarging the nose. The look they had created involved this persons nose pretty much covering the entire face which I thought looked fantastic and fun to do. Sadly however I did not find the time to do this because I had already over done myself with work. Although I did manage to create a look where it looks like my model is unzipping her face which looks freaky as I’ve coloured in her teeth.


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